The Witch Hunter’s Oath


A zealous Witch Hunter and faithful devotee of Dion, Elijah Lynton comes face-to-face with his own past when he’s sent to unmask the Witches who’ve cursed an entire town.

Everyone agrees Elijah Lynton needs a break. Everyone except the Witch Hunter himself, that is. Serving Dion is his only means of salvation, and he’ll damn the rest of the world if that’s what it takes to absolve him of his sins.

So when people in a quaint hamlet ask his Order to rid them of what they believe to be a Witch’s curse, Elijah throws himself headlong into the investigation. It soon becomes clear that he’s not dealing with any ordinary Witches, however. The town is ground zero for an insidious plot to revive a long-dead deity.

Aided by an old ally and a beguiling informant, Elijah faces off against a Flesh Goddess’s fanatical cult — and a spectre from a lifetime ago — in The Witch Hunter’s Oath.


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