A New Beginning

We all have to start somewhere. For me, this is a re-start.
I started writing about a year ago with some characters that will feature in the ‘Serpentis’ trilogy – please note any information given here is subject to change – and after a break to explore the world of self publishing under a different genre, things have come back full-circle and I’ve picked up Dark/Epic Fantasy again.

At this point, I have the bare bones of the plot mapped out for a longer-running series. It’s going to be a challenge getting all this written and at times there will be ‘woe is me’ laments and frustrations, but I am fully prepared to embrace the future and see where it leads.

I have a Newsletter set up which will take priority over a blog, but this space comes free with the website!

So, I’ll upload a Map of the world I write in for pretties and leave it at that.

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